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Women are definitely doing it!

Women are Definitely Doing It!

Kia ora koutou katoa– what a great start to 2017! And to get the year started at Canyonz Adventure Company we are definitely noticing more of our wonderful Wahine Toa (brave women) partaking in big adventures. Nailing everything from big waterfall abseils; sliding the natural water-slides and landing into pools after being kicked off the bottom lip and loving the thrill! This just gets things going and as soon as the jumps come up it's "YUP I'm doing it"!!! Believe it or not, as a guide this is by far... the scariest part of the Canyoning activity, as we have little control over this action. However we won't allow anyone to 'hit it'. You first have to prove yourself from the previous little jumps with good jumping form and an ability to perform 'an active jump' rather than the ol' waewae buckle (means legs) . Jumps are definitely not for everyone so the other and often the best option is to abseil.

This season we have an even gendered Canyonz guide pool with 4 Wahine Toa & 4 Tane – Representing for sure!

AWESOME ladies – keep adventuring and inspiring others to get out of their comfort zones and GIVING IT A GO!


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