5 reasons you should come canyoning with us

1. The adrenaline rush

You get such a buzz from overcoming your fears - and on this canyoning trip you will certainly look fear in the eye...and overcome it! Our experience has made us experts at coaxing people through the tricky parts and overcoming their fear so that they get to go home feeling like they have broken through and really done something monumental.

2. We're safe

We have years and years of experience in the outdoors. And not just in canyons, we’ve operated in caves, skifields and rock climbing. We surf, we ride, we race and we’re into just about anything in outdoors. The owners of the company are not just experts in the canyon, they regularly run outdoor first aid and rope safety courses for industry – so you can be assured you’re in safe hands!

3. We’re 100% kiwi owned and operated

Russ and Wayne are the owners and one of them goes on every trip. They’re passionate about ensuring customer satisfaction and regularly go the extra mile. We know that a good review from a satisfied customer is the best form of marketing.

4. We’re highly recommended – check our reviews on Tripadvisor.com

We’re proud of our track record and the comments on Tripadvisor.com show just how awesome our canyoning trips are. You can tell that we go all out to ensure our clients have the time of their lives.

5. The Coromandel is awesome!

We can pick you up from Hamilton or meet you in Thames. If you have the time then the Coromandel is a great place to spend some time during your trip – fantastic, safe beaches, beautiful nature bush and a relaxed atmosphere will be something you’re sure to enjoy – it’s quintessential New Zealand at its best.

And to round things off you get a killer Facebook profile pic to boot! So give us a call and book now!


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