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We get asked this question a lot even though it features in our frequently asked questions section on our website.

Our standard reply normally is - participants must be moderately fit.  What the heck does moderately fit mean? Mmm for example, be able to go bush walking or skiing for a day. In reality, it is not so much the canyon that is the physically exhausting part but more so the one hour hike up the hill to get to the top of the canyon. Unless of course, your absolute fear of heights has you gripping the ropes, carabiners and/or any other device close at hand including anyone else standing in your reaching vicinity way tighter & harder than needed. You wander why your forearms are super pumped, neck muscles are aching, which ultimately leads to a mild headache that you feel will only go away with a Jacuzzi and light massage – which isn’t happening anytime soon unfortunately!

So, when I say hour … I mean a fat hour!  This is when a lot of people (including myself) think, why am I actually doing this? But I can assure you if you can push through the breathlessness of hiking uphill for an hour with a pack on your back then it is all totally worth your while and the hill is very quickly forgotten!

Once at the top we ditch the bags and get into all our canyoning gear – wetsuit, harness, helmet.  That’s when the excitement (and nerves) start to build!  The guides condense and repack the now much lighter bags and we’re off ready to go adventuring!!  You will all get turns at carrying bags throughout the day but it’s for short stints between abseils here and there and I have to say you hardly notice them compared to that gentle walk up the hill.

Now the canyoning is the BEST BIT and the reason you are here, so prepare for some good honest fun and maybe a few steps outside your comfort zone. This all adds to the feeling of having a very real adventure!

As far as fitness goes in the canyon itself, it’s not so much the cardio of an uphill hike that tires you out.  Your energy gets used up while concentrating on walking on uneven ground and rocks as you move through the canyon, the newness and thrill of abseiling down beside (or inside) big waterfalls and the feeling of exposure you get when doing these things.  The adrenalin of talking yourself into jumping off cliffs into deep pools of water (jumping is optional by the way), and of course the feeling of being at height for a major part of the day in a place where no one can really imagine or even see into unless you are actually there doing it for yourself! 

Depending on your comfort zone level …. just being in this environment means that at the end of the day you will feel like you need a good feed, hot shower, your favourite beverage and a good night’s sleep!

And hopefully you will feel like you had an ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!!

In my opinion that is THE best way to end a day.  Completely knackered, adventure barometer spilled over, belly satisfied (we feed you), happy and feeling like you did something pretty amazing this day! 

What better way to finish an adventure and drift off to sleep! ZZzzz

If you’re not too sure about your ability feel free to flick us an email or phone call and we’ll try facilitate a trip suited to your ability – whether that is the ‘HALFIE’ or the Full day Sleeping God Canyon.


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