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A different perspective

A winter of Adventure in New Zealand - Canyoning at it's best!

The days are getting longer, and slowly but surely it's warming up again... or is that just hopeful thinking?!
We've had an awesome winter; not as many adventurous individuals as we had hoped for, but nonetheless we've had some great trips with some awesome people. The feedback we're consistently getting is that this trip is far more adventurous than they had imagined... not in a bad way, but it seems a lot of adventure companies, not just within New Zealand but throughout the world frequently advertise 'real adventure', when in actual fact they are designed to cater to the majority of users/visitors. The sheer size of our Sleeping God Canyon, as you can see from this aerial photo that we came across, means that our adventure is not for just anyone! Even without someone in the picture to give it scale, you can still see that this canyon is 'real adventure' in the true sense, not for the faint hearted!
The water has been pumping lately and although it has been cooler our new suits are keeping clients comfy, and as always we keep our numbers down on our trips to keep things moving at a good pace and cater to each clients needs.
A big thanks to all that have come through with us so far, and if you're keen to give Canyoning New Zealand style a try and have a moderate level of fitness. water confidence and a sense of adventure, then please contact us and we'll take you through! As our slogan say's - Real Adventure, Real Canyoning, Real Aotearoa...(which is the original name for New Zealand)


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